Top 6 Tips For Styling The Perfect Framed Gallery Wall

Empty walls are like a blank canvas — and a gallery wall is a stunning work of art that adds to its grandness!

Gallery walls offer a fun way to create visual interest and inject style and personality into any room. When done right, they can easily form the focal point of the space, instantly creating a design statement and drawing attention.

Ready to learn all about curating a gallery wall? Grab your hammer and nails as we go discover the top tips and tricks for styling the perfect framed gallery wall — so you can make the most of that setup!

Start With A Plan In Mind

Putting together a gallery wall may seem like the mere activity of inserting artwork into empty custom frames and hanging the pieces you love, but it really goes beyond that. Before bringing your idea of a gallery wall to reality, sit back to think about the subject matter. 

Do you want to display holiday photos, pictures from travels, or special artworks? Perhaps one of those — or a fun amalgamation of all three! It all comes down to personal preference; just be sure to jot down the plan before getting started.

You also want to decide the total number of pieces you wish to use. Generally, we’d recommend using an odd number to create a more organic look. Even-numbered settings are stunning, too, and create a more traditional look. 

Framed Gallery Wall

Choose A Theme And Color Palette

Once you have a rough idea of the direction you’re headed into, choose the theme based on your likes (and dislikes). A soccer gallery wall for a child, vibrant flower species for a gardener, and a vivid display of memories for a travel lover are examples of the various themes to choose from.

You may also want to follow a specific color palette. For a Scandi-style living room, this may be a neutral color scheme (think beiges, creams, and whites). In more eclectic design styles, you can use the gallery wall to inject a jazz of color, while the monotonous palette of white and black can be used to create an equally interesting visual treat.

Pro tip: Try to keep something in common in the pieces you use for your framed gallery wall. This may be a color, a design style, or an experience to maintain coherence in the overall display. You may also want to keep the style of the empty frames you order to maintain harmony in the design.

Gallery Wall

Mix & Match Different Pieces

The best gallery wall brings together different types of pieces, both in terms of size and style. While we recommend pulling together the look with common elements, it’s always a good idea to diversify the pieces used in the gallery wall. 

To achieve the purpose, consider popping in a minimalist wall clock and perhaps a mirror (or two). You can also create a mixture of paintings and photographs, and merge different textures. Finally, you can create balance by using pictures with and without color, for example, at least one black-and-white photo and one photo with color.

Frames mix


Choose The Right Custom Frames Online

Frames say a lot about the overall look of a gallery wall. Overstated ones create a statement of their own, while minimalist frames allow the artwork/pictures to stand out. If you’re someone who loves everything tailored to their style and taste, purchasing custom frames online is your ideal solution! 

With Artalo, custom framing online Canada has never been easier — and more rewarding! You provide us with your image (or pick one from our artists’ impeccable artwork), choose one of the framing options, and leave the rest to us! We will then curate the frame you’ve envisioned, perfect to add to a framed gallery wall suited to your taste. 

For folks who already have artwork to display at home — we offer empty frames tailored to the size of their pieces so they can display their prints using our frames. If you’re ready to design your custom frame online, click here to get started framing online!

Custom Framing Online Canada

Tell A Story

Remember, it’s your home, so all the decor, including the gallery wall, should have some sort of meaning for you. Photos and portraits from your travels and family gatherings can tell a lot about you and your hobbies while a gallery wall showcasing your artwork can exemplify your passion.

Gallery walls telling a story are specific to you, making the space feel like home. They’re also fantastic conversation starters if and when you have guests over.

Custom Frames Online


Curate The Right Configuration

There are a variety of layouts you can use for your gallery wall. The trick is to create a template and play around with placements before you drill holes into the wall. 

You can try different configurations on the floor. Once you’ve chosen your favorite layout, replicate it on the wall, using washi tape to line the frames. You can then have a thorough look at what the layout will look like on the wall — and possibly make any changes before the final setup. 

Also, be sure to leave at least eight inches of vacant space between the bottom of a frame and the top of any furniture piece below.

Custom Frames Online

Let’s Set Up That Framed Gallery Wall!

Using the tips and tricks given above, you can curate a framed gallery wall that is timeless and stunning, perfect to bring any boring interior to life. Choose your artwork, purchase custom frames online (even empty frames if you have artwork at home), and put them together to style the perfect framed gallery wall!

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