Easy steps to create your custom frame

  1. Open the Frame Designer.
  2. Upload you image or just select a Framing Option if you want an empty frame.
  3. Ajust the image to your prefered dimensions and press ''Proceed'' at the bottom.
  4. Choose a Framing Option and then start designing your frame.
  5. Now it's time to unleash your creativity. You can select a different mat and ajust the width of it, you can change the moulding, the glass type and you can add multiple openings for more images.
  6. Don't forget to choose you paper type if you want us to print your subject
  7. When you are done designing, press ''Add to Cart''  

** You can contact us if you need help designing your custom frame.

Once your order is placed

We begin by reviewing it to ensure all the details are correct. Our experienced team then cuts and assembles your frame, using only the finest materials available. We offer a range of frame options, including solid wood frames made from maple, oak, and walnut, allowing you to choose the perfect frame for your project.

Next, we carefully cut and prepare the premium acrylic that will protect your subject, along with creating a customized matboard that meets your specifications. We only use acid-free and linen-free matboards that are archival quality, ensuring your artwork or picture is protected for years to come.

After assembling everything together, we meticulously inspect each frame to make sure it meets our high standards.
This process is the same whether it's an empty frame or a frame with an artwork or picture that we printed.

We then carefully package your frame in a box, ensuring it's delivered promptly to your door.

We take pride in knowing that our frames will look amazing in your home and bring you happiness every time you see them.